Help us win the People’s Choice Award!

Hello there fans! At the end of 2016 we entered a podcast championship with Monkeys Fighting Robots. In the beginning there were only a handful of us so the competition wasn’t so insane. We actually found some really great podcasts on the site that we have since subscribed too.

However something happened in the last week or so of submissions that the amount of entries boomed. So Monkeys Fighting Robots decided that they would give an additional award for the podcast with the most votes, thus crowning them, “The Peoples Choice” Award.

So we’re asking YOU, fellow reader and fan to take a few minutes (more like seconds lol) out of your day to head on over to their website and vote for THE TALKING GEEK. Click here to get directly to the voting page.

You never really know how far your votes can go. All winners will be announced via twitter during the Superbowl halftime show.

Good luck to all those who entered and thank you in advance for voting for us!


Oxenfree Game Review – Pedro Cortes

You have two ends with horror: you’re either loud and bombastic or quiet and introspective. On the conspicuous end, there’s something like Until Dawn. It succeeded not only because of its mashing of I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Descent, but it made me believe that its characters were always in mortal peril. It had high tension and excellent production values, so it rates highly on the unsubtle end of the horror genre.

With quiet and introspective games, it’s a little harder to pull off. You have to draw people in, make them care about the characters, have the music and the cues be just right. The best Silent Hill games were these types of experiences. The atmosphere would ratchet the tension to ridiculous heights, but done through ambient noise, foggy streets and the feeling that horror is always somehow the characters fault.

Oxenfree, while not strictly a horror game, deserves to be ranked as one of the better examples of those quiet, introspective experiences. It pushes its characters in interesting and unsettling ways, in equal parts due to its presentation, setting and writing.

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Some of you may or may not know but we do a monthly or bi-monthly (depending on our workload) giveaway throughout the year. We have coined it our “G-CUBE”, where the G stands for Geek…yea I’m sure you get it lol.

Anyways. Its like a Nerdblock or a Lootcrate but better. Why better you say? Because its FREE. Plus it’s got all kinds of awesome geek toys, gadgets, comics and collectibles.

We’ve got another give away going on and all you have to do is….


Photo of our Pokemon Themed G-Cube


That’s it…pretty damn simple right? We will be announcing the winner Saturday December 3, 2016 at 4pm.

Hope to see some great comments!

Help Miami Get the Gaming Bar it Needs!

Hello readers! This post is a little different than our usual posts. We are reaching out to you fellow table top gamers and geeks! The Talking Geek is based out of good ol Miami, FL which is known for their beautiful beaches, crazy bars and late night clubbing. Most are completely unaware of the geek culture that roam the streets looking for the perfect place to throw some dice or play a little magic.

Luckily we have a group of fantastic people, Silver Dragons Tavern and Games, who are trying to open up exactly what we need.


What is the Silver Dragon Tavern & Games?

The Silver Dragon Tavern & Games is the reforging of a game store that existed in Miami from 2007 to 2009. The original store was a little bit closer to your typical game store, with play space and merchandise being its focus. With the Tavern, our goal is to bring something new to the gaming community in Miami: a space that’s focused on creating the ideal playing environment as well as offering all the new games you want. We’ll be bringing in all the lessons learned from the original store into a new concept: a game shop that serves drinks and food. Towards that end, we have secured a new space that is 3 times the size of the original Dragon, and are now turning to you, the Kickstarter community to help us get all the details right.

We are asking you guys to check out their Kickstarter page and help out any way you can!


Holiday Geek Wish List

With the holidays rapidly approaching we thought it would be the perfect time to talk about some fun and geeky holiday wants! Whether you’re a geek in need or trying to get the right thing for the geek in your life. We’ve got a few things in mind that we hope hits the mark.

KENSTER’S “I WA13190_10152836868379641_858799051890751280_nNT THIS!”

As you can tell from the photo Kenny is a HUGE Simpsons fan. We mean HUGE. Kenny is the kind of guy who owns a Homer costume to match his Homer tattoo. So it’s to no one’s surprise that one of his “wants” is Simpsons related.


THE SIMPSONS MR. SPARKLE 0883975139452_p0_v1_s550x406

This figure brings back such fond memories from one of my favorite episodes. With the uncanny Homer resemblance and the soap box that it comes in is a perfect addition to my ever growing collection.

You can find this item on the Barnes & Noble website. Click the image for more details.



51o0dcavydl-_sx355_I love multi-tools! And this one was meant for the geek crafters in all of us. Includes screwdriver bits, with an X-acto knife attachment and leveler on handle for straight slicing?! Shut up and take my money!

Seriously this is a techie geeks life saver. Did you see that…it has a wine bottle opener!!!


BEAR’S “I WA11047956_10102116480368358_5643745425305362589_nNT THIS!”

Our bear extraordinaire is one geeky mother (shut your mouth). He is your go to guy for all things anime, dr. who, figures and games. Actually he’s your go to for almost everything! Check out what’s on his wish list. Although knowing Bear….he’s already purchased these things for himself because the antici………pation is too much.


product_ut_sans_plush_main_1024x1024A PLUSH WORTHY OF CUDDLES

Here’s a plush of a character that I adore. Sans is a skeleton, named after a font, that’s incredibly lazy and may or not be aware of time manipulation. Make sense? Well, then go play Undertale and then you might!


AWESOME BACKPACKNESSproduct_yaneb_backpack_main_1024x1024

After missing out on this bag during Fangamer’s You Are Now Earthbound kickstarter, the fine folks out in Arizona put up their extras on their site. While it may just look like a normal bag, it was chosen to look very similar to Ness’s backpack from Earthbound. They even added the Franklin Badge emblem to it!



You are probably expecting every single item on Q’s wish list to be Harry Potter related. Well you’re wrong. Well…you’re half wrong. We are pretty sure if she could have all the HP related items she totally would. But that’s not all this geek is about.

OUT OF THE SHOWER IN STYLE16a8_harry_potter_house_robe

Ok you’re probably asking yourself, “How does Q not ALREADY own this?” And you know what…you’re right. How DO I NOT own THIS?! My out of the shower rob definitely needs an update and what better than some HP Gryffindor Pride to sport around the house?

Qmain3-com_1_ THE ANXIETY!

Some of you may or may not know but I suffer from EXTREME anxiety. I have a blog about it. So I am always looking for something to fidget or play with. This particular item works whether or not you are a complete geek or even someone who suffers from anxiety. Its a nifty little gadget that fits in your pocket. You can push it, click it, pop it, spin it, etc. Its literally everything you want out of bubble wrap but never runs out.

Happy 1 year of blogging to US!

The lovely people at WordPress have reminded us that we have now been blogging for ONE whole year. We’ve worked hard on trying to have more consist posts over the last few months and hope to make that even more apparent in the year to come.

For those of you who have followed our blog and may not have check out our podcast please feel free to take a listen. In this latest episode Pedro & Q discuss Image comics “Fatale” written by Ed Brubaker.

Fatal is a supernatural comic noir created by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips and was published in January of 2012.