Game of Predictions – Season 7

Good day one and all! I, Kenny “The White Bear” Cortina here waiting ever so patiently for season 7 of Game Of Thrones! Bitter sweet knowing that the season that follows this one will indeed be the finale. But until then, we shall revel in the fact that WINTER IS HERE. And with that, brings rumors and hopeful predictions. If you read my predictions last yea; Game of Rumors, you’ll know that my prophecies held true…for the most part.


Now that it’s out of my system, I’ve decided to make my predictions for this upcoming season bolder. And with that, here are my fan-finatic guesses: Continue reading

Delayed Review – Logan

So I know I’m super later in the game but I JUST saw Logan on July 4th. While I have always loved Wolverine as a character and also thoroughly enjoy Hugh Jackman as Logan, this movie wasn’t necessarily in my MUST WATCH NOW list. I am indeed a Marvel fan girl (I’m sure most of you know that by now) but we know this movie is Marvel but not really Marvel. Continue reading

The Witcher – Done, Done & DONE!

The scared man with the white hair scans the notice board in the center of town. He looks at one a bit closer, then pulls it off old wooden block and walks to a hut near the edge of the settlement. He questions the woman, who tells him about the beast that has been attacking her livestock the last several weeks. The man climbs on his horse and rides out toward where the woman normally tends to her flock and investigates the remains of a cow that has been ripped asunder. He analyzes the claw marks, notes the dried spittle on the throat of the cow and the feathers left strewn about the area.

“Griffon,” says the white-haired man to himself. “No doubt about it.” Continue reading


We’ve been talking about this moment for months and it has finally arrived! Our network has launched its Patreon on page! The crew has been podcasting for over 4 years and have loved every minute of it. But we’ve been paying for things out of our own pockets and we need some upgrades.


So the first months goal is going to help boost our equipment by 100% We are hoping to get some better mics and screens so that our quality game steps up a notch. We also hope to get some merchandise for our fans and this goal will help us achieve that.

So if you have the time and cash think about supporting for a month or 2. Once the network reaches 25% of its goal they will be releasing 2 bonus episodes for Patreon members only. One anime review episode on behalf of us on TTG and some extra cults discussions from our sister podcast Morbid Curiosity

So take a look, become a member & be our podcasting heroes!


Nintendo Switch – Game ON or OFF? By Panda

After SOOOOOOO many rumors, we finally have gotten the BIG news, the BIG confirmation… Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is DEFINITELY coming this year! No more delays! Woot! Now that we’ve got the out of the way, let’s get back to what this blog’s really about. At the end of 2016, Nintendo finally released a video revealing what their latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, what it looks like, the controls and how it was intended to work. Some new games were teased during the promo as well. Finally on Friday, January 13th they held an online live stream event giving us more details about the console. Now we’ve got a pretty good idea of how everything is going to work, what’s included, a release date and most importantly, how much money we’re about to spend. I’ve got plenty of notes so I’m going to give you what you want to know and need to know. I’m not going to talk about the presentations of the event itself because honestly, not really what you’re here for. If you really want to know here’s a brief description: In Japanese, bad translators, awkward moments, silent crowed, basic at best.

Continue reading


Hello there fellow Geeks! With the recent news coming from Wizards of The Coast regarding the beloved Trading Card Game, The Bears of the Crit or Die segment have this to say….Holy Shit!

WOTC has announced for the first time is over 5 years that there will be cards banned from the Standard Format in The Magic: The Gathering Card game.  In the standard gaming format, player would build decks and play using cards from the most recent Magic sets (currently the format covers the sets from Battle for Zendikar up to Kaladesh. The next set to be released for this standard format is Aether Revolt on January 20th, 2017.)

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Help us win the People’s Choice Award!

Hello there fans! At the end of 2016 we entered a podcast championship with Monkeys Fighting Robots. In the beginning there were only a handful of us so the competition wasn’t so insane. We actually found some really great podcasts on the site that we have since subscribed too.

However something happened in the last week or so of submissions that the amount of entries boomed. So Monkeys Fighting Robots decided that they would give an additional award for the podcast with the most votes, thus crowning them, “The Peoples Choice” Award.

So we’re asking YOU, fellow reader and fan to take a few minutes (more like seconds lol) out of your day to head on over to their website and vote for THE TALKING GEEK. Click here to get directly to the voting page.

You never really know how far your votes can go. All winners will be announced via twitter during the Superbowl halftime show.

Good luck to all those who entered and thank you in advance for voting for us!