Game of Predictions – Season 7

Good day one and all! I, Kenny “The White Bear” Cortina here waiting ever so patiently for season 7 of Game Of Thrones! Bitter sweet knowing that the season that follows this one will indeed be the finale. But until then, we shall revel in the fact that WINTER IS HERE. And with that, brings rumors and hopeful predictions. If you read my predictions last yea; Game of Rumors, you’ll know that my prophecies held true…for the most part.


Now that it’s out of my system, I’ve decided to make my predictions for this upcoming season bolder. And with that, here are my fan-finatic guesses:

  1. The Super Wolfpack is Coming!

    maxresdefaultOne of my bold predictions for the last three episodes of season 6 was that one of the last Living  Stark dire wolves, Nymeria, would return. I was wrong of course. But that doesn’t mean she won’t make her return this season. Oh and did I mention that she would be bringing her 100 strong wolfpack?! This pack terrorizes throughout Westeros in the books, let’s bring them to the silver screen. I would imagine this will happen to save Arya from being hurt or killed.


    Clegane Bowl will be in this season, come hell or hell water dammit!

    cleganebowlAnother rumor that I would hope come to fruition last season and did not happen. Well it’s a new season, and another 7 episodes that this event can take place. Who will win between Sandor vs Gregor? The Hound vs The Zombie Mountain? It doesn’t matter because we all win in this exchange! But I have a feeling that this will happen closer to the end of this season as The Hound travels North with The Brotherhood Without Banners.

  3. We will NOT see The ORIGINAL Lady Stoneheart appear!maxresdefault (2)

    I hate to say it because Catelyn Stark is one of my favorite characters, especially as Lady StoneHeart (book spoilers) but that will not happen in this show. Now after wiping my tears from my eyes, I must say that Lady StoneHeart may still appear on this show. In the form of Sansa Stark. Which given the progression of this song in the HBO series, this could become the more possible of the two far fetched scenarios.

  4. The Wall Will Fall by The Horn of Winter!

    DragonglassYes this will happen! I decree that the horn will be brought up early in this season so that they can somehow work it into this season. It will feel half assed but I believe they will manage to make it work somehow. Benjen “ColdHands” Stark did bring up the fact that the Wall was created by magical means. I also have a sneaking suspicion that they will show Aeron Greyjoy with what he would believe is the other legendary horn DrangonBinder.

    My long-shot prediction: Aeron believes to have the DragonBinder to control the dragons. HOWEVER, at the last episode of this season, he will blow the horn and realize the horn he possesses is in fact The Horn of Winter. BOOM wall goes down, and we get to see the vast undead army led by The WhiteWalkers!

    Only time will tell if these predictions ring true, or if this is just a dream from a long-standing fan of both book and show incarnations of this fantasy world. Until then, enjoy this hard winter in the middle of July! Far thee well, Fellow Geeks!


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