Nintendo Switch – Game ON or OFF? By Panda

After SOOOOOOO many rumors, we finally have gotten the BIG news, the BIG confirmation… Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is DEFINITELY coming this year! No more delays! Woot! Now that we’ve got the out of the way, let’s get back to what this blog’s really about. At the end of 2016, Nintendo finally released a video revealing what their latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, what it looks like, the controls and how it was intended to work. Some new games were teased during the promo as well. Finally on Friday, January 13th they held an online live stream event giving us more details about the console. Now we’ve got a pretty good idea of how everything is going to work, what’s included, a release date and most importantly, how much money we’re about to spend. I’ve got plenty of notes so I’m going to give you what you want to know and need to know. I’m not going to talk about the presentations of the event itself because honestly, not really what you’re here for. If you really want to know here’s a brief description: In Japanese, bad translators, awkward moments, silent crowed, basic at best.


Here it is, it comes out March 3, 2017 at $299.99. Everythi3180558-pastedimageat2017_01_1303_02pmng included in the box will be the console (mini-screen), the dock (where you’ll place the mini-screen to connect/charge) left and right Joy-con (the small controllers), wrist wraps for the Joy-cons, the Joy-con
grip (connecting the L and R Joy-Cons to form a normal playing controller), AC Adapter and an HDMI cable.
However, the Pro-controller, which is a regular playing controller, will be sold separately. No price on that just yet.


Other than connecting with your TV (TV mode) you can now “switch” from the TV to the mini-screen (Hand-Held), much like the Wii-U was intended to do, giving players an uninterrupted gaming experience. Another style of playing is called Table Top Mode. This is where party play is supposed come in. You’ll be able to take the console screen wherever you go and play various games with your friends without having to be near a TV or even indoors. It also has Wi-fi connectivity (its 2017 so it better) and can have up to 8 other systems connected for multiplayer goodness. A question we’ve all had was the battery life on this thing. I mean, it’s a full-fledged console with complete games that range from 12+ hours. The answer is that battery life lasts from 2 ½ to 6 ½ hours depending on the game. I’ll let that marinate with you. The good thing is that there is a portable charger and portable batteries available. No info whether it’s included in the package. One more thing, the console has a screen capture capability and will be able to capture video in future development, so shout out to you twitch streamers out there.


In the event they state the Joy-cons are supposed to have a sense of realism to them with this new rumble feature. They use an example of a glass cup, filling it with ice cubes and jigmmtjx8xabxftkpsf7then water. I’m guessing with a smaller and lighter controls the rumble and sounds might come out in a more natural feeling compared to the Wii remotes. We’ll have to wait when it comes out to know for sure. They also have censers that pick up motion capture better than the Wii remotes and for those of you still collecting, they are able to read Amiibos. Does that mean we might get another Smash Bros? Hmmm…

And finally, the good stuff:


Here’s a couple of the titles the announced to get us excited for what’s to come:

Rejoice you hard core players, you’re getting Splitoon 2! New and altered weapons, bigger maps, beautiful graphics, more weird squid children madness! Look out for that this summer.

We asked for it and we’re finally getting it, Super Mario Odyssey! The new open world 3D nintendo-switch-1Mario game where you’ve got a little hat with eyeballs you can use to Frisbee the shit out of enemies and it looks so nice! Good bye pew pew, hello woosh woosh! Expect that this holiday season. :,)

Now I’ve been dying to play the first one just cause you get your own freaking mecha, but I can’t believe how fast they’re coming out with Xenoblade 2! No release date yet and I doubt it will be ready by holiday season, so I figure we’ll be hearing more about it at E3 this year.

What do you get when you mix Fire Emblem characters with Dynasty Warriors game? You get Fire Emblem Warriors. Hacking and slashing enemies using your favorite Fire Emblem characters like Marth or Robin, I’m tempted.

Behold, we 3rd party games as well:

It’s confirmed that both Dragon Quest 10 (Online) and 11 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch! I’m a BIG JRPG fan so I’m excited for these titles. There was a little teaser for a new Shinmigami Tensei and a new game from Square Enix (developers of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts) called Octopath Traveler, which has got this cute traditional 16 bit RPG style but look gorgeous. And finally, Bethesda is partnering up with Nintendo to bring us Skyrim! YAAAAAAASSS! However, I’m going to contain my excitement a bit until I see how well the Joy-cons respond to game.

And then something about EA sports and FIFA. There was also this one game called 1-2-Switch… but…like…I didn’t care. Like, on my actual notes I wrote down “not impressed.” Yeah, I’m that much of a bitch, I just don’t care for it. But hey, I mentioned it.

Oh, I almost forgot though… Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… March 3, 2017. POW POW POW POOOOOOW!zelda-breath-of-the-wild

So let me know what you think of the Switch. Are you going to pre-order it for mid-night release? Are you excited for it? Wait for the reviews? Just visit that friend you haven’t visited or spoken to in months but found out on Facebook he got the Switch therefore decided to pop on over, chit chat but just use him to try it? Let us know.


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