Nintendo Switch – Game ON or OFF? By Panda

After so many rumors, we finally have received the BIG confirmation—Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is DEFINITELY coming this year! No more delays! With that out of the way, let’s get to this blog’s main topic.

At the end of 2016, Nintendo released a teaser trailer revealing what the Switch, the company’s latest gaming console, would look like, its controls and some gameplay with some new games teased as well. On Friday, Jan. 12, the company held a live stream event with more details of how everything will work, what it will include, a release date and most importantly the price tag.

Naturally, I’m here to tell you what you want and need to know. However, I will not talk about the presentation itself. However, if you really want to know here’s a brief description:

  • It was in Japanese.
  • They had bad translators.
  • A lot of awkward moments.
  • An unenthusiastic crowd.
  • Mediocre at best.


The console hits shelves March 3, 2017 at $299.99. Everything included in the box will be:

  • Console (mini-screen).
  • The dock: to place the mini-screen to charge and play on your television (TV mode).
  • 3180558-pastedimageat2017_01_1303_02pmLeft and right Joy-con (small controllers similar to a Wii-mote) which can be used as two different controllers for multiplayer games.
  • Wrist wraps for the Joy-cons.
  • The Joy-con grip (connecting the left and right Joy-Cons becoming a standard playing controller).
  • AC Adapter and an HDMI cable.

However, the Pro-controller, the Switch’s standard gaming controller (no Joy-cons), will be sold separately.


The “gimmick” of the console is that you can now “switch” from a TV to a mini-screen (Handheld mode), much like the idea of the Wii-U, giving players an uninterrupted gaming experience. Another style of playing is called Tabletop Mode, where you’ll be able to take the console with you wherever and play various games with friends; no need for a television. It also has Wi-Fi connectivity and can have up to eight other players.

The question some have had is about the battery life. I mean, it’s a full-fledged console with complete games that range from 12 or more hours. Well, it lasts from 2 ½ to 6 ½ hours depending on the game. I’ll let that marinate with you. The good news is that a portable charger and batteries are available; however, there was no mention whether it will be included in the box or sold separately. Lastly, the console has a screen-capture feature and will be able to capture video in future development. Fear not Twitch streamers.


Yoshiaki Koizumi, General Producer for the Nintendo Switch, said the Joy-cons now have a sense of realism to them with HD sound and a new rumble feature. For demonstration, he used the action as if he were filling a glass cup with ice cubes and then pouring water into it. With smaller and lighter controls the rumble and sounds


will feel more natural with sensors that also pick up motion capture much better when compared to the Wii-motes. We will have to wait until it releases to know for sure.

For those who are still collecting, they will able to read Amiibo figures. Does that mean we might get another “Smash Bros” game? Hmm…

And finally, the good stuff:



Finally, the good stuff: here are some of the upcoming titles announced:

  • Rejoice hardcore players, you’re getting “Splatoon 2” with new and altered weapons, bigger maps, beautiful graphics and more weird, squid-children madness. Prepare to paint the world this summer.
  • We asked for it and we are finally getting it, “Super Mario Odyssey” is a new open world 3D Mario game and he’s got a new companion taking the form of his signature red hat. From what was shown, it can be used as Frisbee to take down enemies and control them. Expect it to release this holiday season.
  • I have been dying to play “Xenoblade Chronicles X” (mostly because you get your own mech suit), but I can’t believe how quickly it’s taken them to develop “Xenoblade Chronicles 2!” No release date yet and I doubt it will be ready by holiday season, but I figure we’ll be hearing more about it at E3 later this year.
  • What do you get when you mix “Fire Emblem” characters with “Dynasty Warriors” mechanics? Apparently you get “Fire Emblem Warriors.” Hack and slash enemies using your favorite “Fire Emblem” characters like Marth, Robin, or Chrom.

Behold, we will finally be seeing third party games as well:

  • It’s confirmed that both “Dragon Quest 10” (Online) and “Dragon Quest 11” will be coming to the console.
  • A debut teaser for the new “Shinmigami Tensei” was released and the game is still in development
  • A new game from Square Enix, developers of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, called “Octopath Traveler,” A traditional 16-bit style RPG with gorgeous graphics.
  • Finally, Bethesda is partnering up with Nintendo to bring “Skyrim” to the console. Personally, I’m going to contain my excitement a bit until I see how well the Joy-cons accurately respond to motion control in the game.

And then there was something about EA sports and a FIFA game, also a game called 1-2-Switch, but, like, I didn’t care. Like, on my actual notes I wrote down “not impressed.” But hey, I mentioned it.

I almost forgot; Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild… March 3, 2017. Mic Drop.


So let me know what you think of the Switch so far. Are you going to pre-order it for mid-night release? Are you excited for it? Will you wait for the reviews? Just visit that friend you haven’t visited or spoken to in months but, found out on Facebook he got the Switch therefore decided to pop on over, chit chat but just use him or her to try it? Let us know.


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