Help Miami Get the Gaming Bar it Needs!

Hello readers! This post is a little different than our usual posts. We are reaching out to you fellow table top gamers and geeks! The Talking Geek is based out of good ol Miami, FL which is known for their beautiful beaches, crazy bars and late night clubbing. Most are completely unaware of the geek culture that roam the streets looking for the perfect place to throw some dice or play a little magic.

Luckily we have a group of fantastic people, Silver Dragons Tavern and Games, who are trying to open up exactly what we need.


What is the Silver Dragon Tavern & Games?

The Silver Dragon Tavern & Games is the reforging of a game store that existed in Miami from 2007 to 2009. The original store was a little bit closer to your typical game store, with play space and merchandise being its focus. With the Tavern, our goal is to bring something new to the gaming community in Miami: a space that’s focused on creating the ideal playing environment as well as offering all the new games you want. We’ll be bringing in all the lessons learned from the original store into a new concept: a game shop that serves drinks and food. Towards that end, we have secured a new space that is 3 times the size of the original Dragon, and are now turning to you, the Kickstarter community to help us get all the details right.

We are asking you guys to check out their Kickstarter pageย and help out any way you can!



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