Kenster Talks The New (she) HULK

Fellow Geeks! It’s your lovable resident Slowbro here! In case you missed out on some big Marvel news, The next titled Hulk comic series will feature Jennifer Walters as the “new” Hulk.

Jennifer Walters, better known as She-Hulk. Some have asked my thoughts on the news, since I am TTG’s real life Hulk in Human skin.

What else can I say…this is great news!

I honestly believe that this is the next logical step given the events that have transpired so far in Marvel’s Civil War II. ( SPOILER ALERT! )

she-hulk-strongest-superheroThis arc will take place after Jennifer awakes from her coma she suffered after a massive hit from Thanos only to find out that Hawkeye will be acquitted for having killed her cousin, Bruce Banner…I’m still sadden by this 😦

Normally, She-Hulk is light hearted, intelligent, and calculating with the ability to also break the fourth wall with the readers through her run in the comics. But the December release is not She-Hulk…this upcoming story will be part of the decades built struggle that tries to display the violent relationship between man and the beast inside of them.

The artwork tease that displayed earlier this week is reminiscent of the HULK series that I know and love. With featured artist Nico Leon and author Mariko Tamari, this comic run she-hulk-2014-costume-580x403has been slated as a gritty, eye-opening look at a superhero will try to hold herself together after dealing with such staggering trauma this character has taken.

Granted, I also believed that The Totally Awesome Hulk was gonna be awesome. I am not perfect. I can make mistakes too. I’m not saying that Amadeus Cho is a bad Superhero, far from it. I’m just saying that his Comic run as a hulking superhero should have been titled something else. Jennifer Walters on the other hand, this has the potential to be one of my favorite comics of recent date.

Do you agree with me? Do you think I’m just full of it? Would you like to see me more of my SlowBro outfit?! Tell us what you think on our social media pages. I’ll make sure to review the first issue in December and let you know if I am happy or if I’m rampaging through the streets of Miami screaming out POR QUE! Til next time Geeks!


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