Our Loot Crate DREAM Crate – HERo

As most of you already know we are big SUBSCRIPTION box lovers. We subscribe to Loot Crate, Nerdblock & Marvel Collector Corp. Having so many subscriptions sometimes can be overwhelming. Well, it’s overwhelming cause we quickly run out of space for all of our geeky goodness.

Lootcrate does a fantastic job of having a monthly theme for their boxes. It allows subscribers to have a really good idea of what they could expect. It also helps for those who are month to month subscribers. You can bow out on a crate you don’t like and then jump back in when they announce the theme for one you would be more interested in.

So the crew and myself started to think of a DREAMCRATE that we wish Lootcrate would put together for us. It was a pretty quick decision once we all sat down and we quickly came up with the idea of a “HERo” crate. Emphasis’s on the HER of course.

As subscribers we see the occasional female item but they are few and far between. With so many powerful female characters in our geeky universe it would be AMAZING to have an all female hero box. The options are limitless. But here are a few items we think would look great in a Lootcrate.



There are TONS of female Funko Pops out there but with the upcoming Captain Marvel coming we thought that this funko would be perfect.





SPIDER GWEN! Anything Spider-Gwen would work really. But given that we haven’t really received any lanyards in any of our crates this would be a perfect item. The best balance of a crate is having items that you can display but also put to some good use. A lanyard works a gear item and a functional one at that.





Now we know that Lootcrate always has a shirt in their crate (or hat which I love)
. So we cant have a DREAMCRATE without a shirt. This shirt meets all the needs. A def. HERo in her series Eleven and Eggos are a must for any fan. We know that Lootcrate has teamed up with TeeFury before so this would be a match made in heaven.


Nothing better than a good read. Especially one most comic book readers may have passed up. So we introduce you to STARFIRE. Great read, unique comic, and even more out of the crate (see what I did there) idea for a comic book to include.





We honestly think with a theme like this the possibilities are endless. You have so many loved female characters that you can find any item and throw it and it be totally Epic. From Harley Quinn to She Hulk, Squirrel Girl to Catwoman. Seriously…and yes..guys dig chicks too. While we know the majority of subscribers are probably guys, that doesnt mean that can’t appreciate some amazing girl power. Plus, whatever they don’t dig will be the perfect gift for the HERo in their lives.

Here are a few items that we couldn’t decide between. Wonder Womn Apron, Harley Quinn Beanie & Scarlet Witch necklace.


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