Sausage Party Review *Spoilers*

Fellow Geeks! It’s your friendly neighborhood Polar Bear back with another blog! Get some munchies, a sweet couch, and your California legal tobacco ready. I’ll be giving you my thoughts on the latest motion picture: Sausage Party!

Now before I go through this review, I want to first say FUCK YOUsausage-party-review-2
to all the producers of this movie. Yes I know that includes Seth Rogan, but there is no excuse for shady business practices. Long story short, the animators for this film were treated poorly. Working overtime without pay and not even given the proper recognition…these producers should feel shameful. I would list all of the animators that contributed to this movie, but half of their names didn’t even make it to the end credits! BAH!

…My apologies. Anyways, I went into watching Sausage Party without any real expectations and I’m glad for that. This movie is to be taken in the light as any fan of raunchy comedies and off the wall shocking moments in films. If you fancy yourself being in a room filled with smoke that makes you giggle while watching this, you will be laughing 😉


What I did enjoy about this film is the overall sense that you are watching a professionally done anima636063928223919603-sausage-party-dom-SP-PK-12-IND-S0050-comp-clean-v23.1400--p1apphdpib21813os1b6ao3k16hjted movie with the visual feel of a legitimate kids movie. That is until the main character, a hotdog named Frank, says his first word of the film, Shit. The dialogue in this film helps bring the p
oint across that this isn’t your normal animated movie. You follow Frank and his Hotdog buddies go through their morning routine as they are inside a Supermarket waiting for a “God” better known as human, to pick them up and take them to the great beyond…Where they can fuck other foods, in this case buns that are shaped to
have a vagina for a mouth. Oh and to live happily ever after.


Needless to say, they soon find out the truth, that there is no great beyond and the Gods devour them, because they are food after all.maxresdefault

All of the character in this movie are fit into a stereotype based on what food they are. There’s a Jewish bagel, Irish potatoes, a liquor bottle called FireWater who is but of course Native American. And they made a box of Grits sound a lot like Shaft. Grits even comments about how much he hates the boxes of crackers…this movie hits it a little too much on the nose. Oh yeah, and the only character that acts like a Jersey Shore resident is a Douche. No seriously. The douche is the main baddie of the film, enough said.

Another moment of brilliance that made this movie watchable was their portrayal of carnage and gore in a way where no blood was shown. A great example of this was during a massacre when some of the food and other items due to a rogue mustard trying to commit suicide. What would have been just a spill on aisle 3 became a retelling of the Normandy scene in Saving Private Ryan. sausage-party-trailerWhile that is great, this scene doesn’t have the same punch since we’ve already seen this in the trailers leading up to the movie. In fact, most of the movies bright spots were already introduced to us before the movie even came out. However, nothing could prepare me for the last 15 minutes of the film. In order to stop from being killed by the human gods, Frank and his pals, along with the help from a Steven Hawkin-esqe intelligence of a character calling himself GUM, they must use drugs to have the human be high enough to actually see and understand for what the food are, sentient beings. The drug of choice? Bath Salts! Yup that makes sense.

So after all of the food in the supermarket make the humans go batshit crazy and kill them, in that order, THEN the weirdness begins. Everybody in this movie start to have a massive organic food orgy. Hotdogs fucking buns. Effeminate Twinkies and  Hitler Sauerkraut getting pegged. Frank inserting himself through a bagel and bun, before shoving his face into the balls of a Turkish flatbread, Lavash. Then the Jewish bagels putting said balls over his eyes. A foodie Arabian Goggles. I can’t even.

There is more to this film, and they do provide a plot that loosely holds the integrity of Sausage Party together. It was a shocking yet enjoyable ride. However, I would not feel the need to ever watch this film again. From 1 to 10, I give this movie a 6. Spark up some inspiration before enter this crazy world of food, sex, and carnage 🙂
Until next time fellow Geeks.  949846-sausage-party


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