The Good, The Bad & The Nerfherders – Kenny Cortina

Good day fellow geeks! It has roughly been a month since the phone app nostalgias swept the country and now the world! Pokemon GO has attracted players from all over the spectrum. With this free phone app, it has booted the already popular Nintendo franchise.

Since PoGo’s inception, we have all mixed in equal amounts of cheers and frustration. With the joy of late 90s nostalgia and the angry that was brought up by several, if not 848b9a4817e196fb4926cea52ad0546353d5f3d8ad11cde3968edbd59cec023f_1.jpgconsistent, server issues. However, there have been welcomed updates made through the weeks that have helped run the game smoother…well at least a little bit. The most recent update was done this past week on July 31st, and many people are not pleased. Why would there be outage for an update that could continue to mold the game for the better? Well lets go through the latest list of changes made this past weekend:

*Re-customizing option provided on the trainer profile screen

*Pokemon detail screen update

*repaired issues regarding map features, gym animation, and texts

*Cleaned out various bugs during wild Pokemon encounters

All of these changes are much needed! I only wish they would help with the infestation of birds and rats in my area. I found out through other trainers that this game leaning more towards frequency in numbers. The more you are around other gamer’s playing, the better chances you have to catch a rare Pokemon.

*Removed footprints from nearby Pokemon radarllvAg76

I have fixed feelings regarding this update. The issue with the footprints shown on the radar has been a supreme annoyance. Those confusing ass feet have caused so much confusion for me especially when hunting an Abra. Damn you footprint. So I’m happy that they have been removed. However, Niantic has also cracked down on third party poke tracking sites including PokeVision. This made me a sad sad bear.

The updates I brought up so far have not been bad. I can live without the need of PokeVision. But the latest update has also become a literal game changer:

ndbwvtc*Modified battle damage calculation

*Adjusted battle move damage values for some Pokemon

The short explanation is that this update has more or less made a level playing field for all gym battles. Quick attacks are no longer powerful enough to do the trick and all trainers rely and three key things; Type advantage, Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB), and charge attacks which have now been buffed up to deal some real damage.

With the change of damage and attack values, some Pokemon will rise to the top of gyms while others have dropped in ranking. The biggest hit was done to Vaporean.nerf It’s water gun quick attack has been reduced from 10 to 6. This may not seem like much, but this changes the total strength of this Pokemon. Vaporean is still a contender, given their tank status with high HP and def stats. This water type is still in my top 5. Just not a top 3 contender like the Heavyweight Champ Snorlax.

wild-snorlax-appeared_o_625304I’m hoping that with this shift, We will see a diverse group of Pokemon emerge on top of gyms in the near future.

Here are a few tips when it comes to gym battles:

*Focus on your Pokemons attacks

  • STAB attacks provide about a 25% boost to your Pokemon’s attack. Match that with an advantage attack (ie water attacks to fire Pokemon) you could have a 50% boost per attack!

  • Have a pair of strong Pokemon for each main type (fire, water, electric, grass). This is make taking over rival gyms easier.

  • Keep a variety of types of Pokemon in your Faction’s gym. If all of the Pokemon in one gym is of one type, it will be easy for rivals to pick you off and take over.

  • Small level Trainers looking to gym battle? Get yourself a Pidgeotto with the charge attack Hurricane. It’ one of the best charge attacks, a normal type attack with a 80 power level

Make sure to check out Silph Road’s current list below of the best available charge and quick attacks on Pokemon GO to help you meta-game. I honestly can’t wait til I am able to trade to our fellow trainers. Until then, you will probably find me in the nearby lake farming for those damn Magikarp! PolarBear bids you farewell!226f0500-2903-0134-0ae8-0629623c6db9


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