Pokemon Go- Gotta catch the Trolls!

So by now I am sure that you have all heard PLENTY about the new Nintendo, I mean  Niantic PokemonGO app. It’s all our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds have been filled with.  While some of you are probably tired of seeing it all day I have to wonder how maxresdefault (1)bad is this app? Why all the hate? Why have all the trolls come out of small crevices that my Pokemon should be in to come hate on this one app?


First let me start off by saying that I have actually never once played Pokemon until the release of this app. When Pokemon started it was past my generation, it was my little brother and his Game Boy, talking about creatures in balls and I was just “too old, too cool for school” to play. But I did listen, and watched him play often. I’m extremely close to my brother so I tried to at least be aware of what he was into enough to be able to carry out a conversation. As I got older I had boyfriends that were into it, (Yu-Gi-Oh ugh!) so again I was exposed to a game I never really played.

When the app released, I figured, well….it’s Free so why not give a shot? Now…anyone who downloaded the app when it first came out knows how little they caught besides13615517_10154056633536130_6880133671474900948_nerror messages and server down notifications. It was absolutely impossible to get in. I am still having trouble logging in even after their 2 new app updates. Like when this sucker finally popped up for me only for the game to freeze while I was mid catch. (For those of you who may not know Scyther is a very rare Pokemon to find, or so I’ve been told lol).


Now with this whole app dropping there have been many people post their usual negative hate for all of us who are out and about and sharing our love for the game via social media platforms. I’ve heard everything from “get a life” to “aren’t you a little to old to be playing these stupid games?” Let me address those concerns: I have a life. I run 2390434589308 different businesses and projects while working. NO I am not too old for anything. I even posted to slow the hate down on our Facebook page and THAT turned into a thread of back and forth arguments about whether or not it should be posted to our feeds. Debates about whether people have a right to complain or not complain or post what they want on their public page. Its absolute madness. From those who are now playing the “too cool for school” card or just whining about their feed being filled with Pokemon. Right now so much tragedy has taken over our society that if for 3 days all I saw were cute little creatures I am totally fine with that.


People are walking… like actually walking. Some people I know who barely ever went to a park, are finding themselves going right after work for a quick stroll and hunting. It is seriously doing for kids what our FLOTUS has been trying to do since she became First Lady and in just 3 days it happened. Kids running around, riding bicycles, skateboards, strolling outside instead of being in their rooms locked behind a screen. Yeah, yeah… I know what you’re thinking, our phones are still a screen but that leads me to my next point.

People are interacting with one another. You go outside, see a bunch of people with their phones and immediately you know that you have some weird, geeky, connection. So now you’re talking to each other. Asking how long someone has been playing, where they have caught their Pokemon, hey what team are you a part of? Its causing us to actually meet people.

So, I query, is an app that gets our feet moving, our mouths talking and our social skills rising a bad thing?

Q’s Pokemonifesto:

I say let the people enjoy what they will. Don’t download the app if you don’t want to. The same way I never downloaded Candy Crush. But don’t hate on people. You’re entitled to your opinion but it doesn’t need to come with bashing. Also, if you’re playing Pokemon make sure you head over to our facebook page and see the live hunt we went on and some of the people we met.
Stay geeky! 




One thought on “Pokemon Go- Gotta catch the Trolls!

  1. Yes yes yes to all of this! I think this app is wonderful – and plenty of people I know that never knew a thing about Pokemon are playing, getting out , and enjoying themselves. Really that’s what it’s all about ๐Ÿ™‚

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