The Hound, The Mountain & The Wardrobe by Kenny

Good morrow, my fellow Geeks! Cue the horns, the drums, and the festive dancing through the three minute opening credits. Time to speak on GAME OF THRONES! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Well, GOT theories to be more precise. But before I delve into my thoughts and fantasies regarding  Westeros and beyond the sea, I must first speak of Season 6 as a whole up to this point. The writers got this season starting on a fast pace, going directly into Jonsheres-benjen-game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-6 story and making sure not to drag on his revival for at least six episodes. Brandon Stark, whether he is ready or not, has now become the new greenseer along with a Valerian Steel
blade (Dark Sister) and his
very own Cold Hands!…I mean newly returned Benjen Stark. Sometimes the crazy fan theories can be right!


With Dark Sister, we currently have 6 Valyrian steel blades in this show (Oathbreaker, Widow’s Wail, LongClaw, Heartsbane, and Littlefinger’s dagger are the others). We need more Valyrian steel in westeros soon!  Also, please take a moment for the real hero of this season, Hodor……hodor-dead

Now that I wiped the tears from my eyes again, let’s continue. Is anyone else happy to see Cersi with the the Mountain sized foot in her mouth?! I know I am! She was so arrogant that she thought  she could arm a ready-to-die religious zealots with the mastermind High Sparrow (who could still be Howland Reed Possibly?) And finally someone told Theon to stop being all mopey and light a fire in his ass. Speaking of fire, Helooooo Danayris “Everdeen” Stormborn! I know The Mad King must be smiling to see her grow to the formidable leader she has become.

With the steamroll start, this last episode “The Broken Man” cooled the flow of this season to provide more character development, including the return of The Hound! Much of this episode shows how  this season has steered away from the books in certain aspects to provide an interesting turn of events. Tyrion is still drunk and knows things, providing a moment of peace in Mereen, under unfavorable terms that the rest of Dany’s council disagrees withgot6701. I only wish this season unraveled more of Verys’s past. He is the most
mysterious character on this show and I would like to know what he gained from removing “pieces” of him. And what the ever-loving old gods happened to the Sands in Dorne? Arya got back her sight, but didn’t see  some random lady who was obviously the Warf coming to try and kill you and no Neddle in hand. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?! But we know she’ll be ok…right?

With all the craziness  coming to a head in these last three episodes of the seasons, I want to make some lofty predictions in no particular order.

  • Cersi’s prophecy will be fulfilled, as her son Tommen will die by the hands of Cersi herself. Then hopefully down the road Arya can stab her in the face. This is still possible since the show did not add Maggy the Frog’s full prophecy that she told to Cersi at the start of season 5. where after her children died she would perish at the hands of a Valonqar (means young brother in Valyrian )
  • Come hell or high water, There will be a rematch of Brother vs Brother, The Mountain vs The Hound, Zombie vs Leatherface. Let’s get it on!
  • The knights of the Veil will arrive to help The Starks overwhelm the Bolton force. But not before flexing it’s muscle with Blackfish and driving Jaime back to King’s Landing.
  • The very next episode will end with the Greyjoys and there fleet arriving at Mereen as Dany provides a smirk knowing shit’s about to go down.
  • Did someone say “Wolf Pack”?! Nymeria and her large brood of cousins (I believe 101 dire wovles hehe) will make an appearance on the season finale of this show. I can see it now, Arya looks off into the distance and sees gold eyes peering back at her in the winter.
  • Littlefinger will be in front of Ramsey Bolton. One of them will die. Maybe both…one can dream (I said these were lofty predictions dammit)
  • Tormund and Brienne of Tarth will kiss at some point. Brienne will punch him in the face. Not particularly in that order.
  • They will NOT introduce Drangonbinder until the next season. I know that Sam has found a horn that could very well be The Horn of Winter (which can destroy the Wall in the north, because the Wall was created by magic). He might still have it in his possession. Or maybe the White Walkers do. Who knows! The Wall will fall, just not this season.

Let me know what you think Geeks. Am I crazy? Do you think any of this will happen? Will Margaery renounce the faith and confess her love for a Cuban Polar Bear in Miami?

Tune in this Sunday for the episode number 8 titled “No One” which will involve Arya, Daenerys with her Dragons, and Blackfish continuing to be an OG.





One thought on “The Hound, The Mountain & The Wardrobe by Kenny

  1. I think your first prediction still counts, although technically I guess her son killed himself… but that’s a philosophical conversation on self-determination.


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