Geek Girl Bloggers Comic Book Swap

As a noob to the whole blogging world it was a blessing to have stumbled upon the Geek Girls x Bloggers  facebook group. For me personally it was wonderful to have such a supportive group willing to help and motivate new bloggers like myself. I quickly found myself trying to follow them all, read every post and most importantly I felt like I wasn’t alone in the struggle to balance my blog with my busy life style.

As a huge comic book fan I was super excited when one of its members, Stacey from Geeks & Lattes suggested a Comic Book Swap between us bloggers. I couldn’t signup fast enough and was excited to see who my swap partner would be! So here’s how it went.

My swap partner was Kayla Cox from Epicfied. I think Stacey did a great job in pairing for one we both have a love for some DC (Harley & Joker) and both into the deep world of Game of Thrones.

Side Note, Funny Story: My life has been crazy with health issues and moving so a part of me had forgotten about the swap. I didn’t forget to get a comic for my partner but I did forget I was receiving something in the mail. My wife was quick to remind me that I had received a package from Amazon and I thought it was just a late birthday present. I rushed to open it and read the cute card instead and still my brain did not register what was happening. Until my wife was quick to snag the note and barrate me on WHO IS KARLA and why is she sending you awesome presents?!?!? LoL. I saw my life quickly flash before my eyes before I realized what the gift was, and how I had requested it on my comic wish list. LoL. I seriously thought my wife was going to bang me over the head with my comic book.

Okay…so once that was all over I was finally able to dance with excitement because Karla could not have picked a better comic for me: The Killing Joke  written by Alan Moore which is also a soon to be released animated movie. I absolutely LOVE this story.


Can you see the excitement in my eyes? I have read this story now about 3 times and still can’t get enough of it. It’s truly one of my top 10 comics of all time. Thank you again Kayla for rocking it and Stacey thank you for putting this together, this is something I would definitely do again!



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