The Noob – Tales from Forced Bed Rest

What a week it’s been! I recently celebrated a birthday and it seems that my body felt it more than anything else as I slowly started to deteriorate and ended up in the hospital. Now, I’m normally someone who has no concept of naps, down-time or relaxation. If I see an opening on my calendar, I’m eager to fill it. So when the doctor gave me a mandatory 4 days of bed rest I literally almost panicked.

I know what you’re thinking… “well you can read a book, or watch a movie or play some video games.” And…you’re right. That’s exactly what I did for the first few days…


Luckily for me my bed rest was required right after the release of Uncharted 4 – A thief’s end. Main PhotoI have been an Uncharted fan since the very first game. I’m usually a huge multiplayer Gamer. Rarely do I actually finish the story or campaign of a video game. I know I know..BLASPHEMY but its the truth. I don’t usually have a lot of time on my hands because of my work schedule so I usually look for a quick game here and there and multiplayer seems to be the way to go for me. That is, with the exception of Uncharted. I don’t think I’ve actually played the multiplayer/online version of this game (yet!).

Most games I play have a horrible training period with each new release for those Gamers who may not have ever played this game before. Uncharted has made that part of the whole process so story heavy that you soon forget that you are just learning buttons and abilities at this point. That happened in Uncharted 4. The “epilogue” is about 45 minutes worth of gameplay that you don’t even realize it is an epilogue until the game credits start rolling.

Nate 1

Let me begin by saying that this is probably one of the prettiest games I have played in a very long time. The graphics in this game are astounding. They have added some amazing aspects similar to “The Last of Us”such as the option to choose between several responses that all lead to the same outcome— but— still gives you a sense of control  with regards to how you choose to play the Nathaniel Drake personality. Does he drink OJ when he gets home or a nice ice cold beer? (Of course I went with the beer).

The story picks up with a new Nate… a calm, domesticated, married Nate. But of course that soon comes to an end. NO SPOILERS don’t worry. But you’ll be excited to know that there are some great returning characters and someone new we had yet to meet that plays a HUGE role in the entire storyline.

I was happy to see this pimp mofo back on the screen:

Sully Uncharted 4

I’m still not completely donevwith the game so I’ll save my ultimate review for when I finally finish Uncharted 4.


So I was finally able to catch up with Superman’s ” American Alien.” I was so excited for this miniseries when it first started (check our archives for the first blog post). I was truly enjoying it until I got to issue #4….


We follow Clark through a lot of adolescent awesomeness. He goes to jail, he has to decide what kind of a person he is going to be. However, I can’t help but feel that this writer, Max Landis, is nothing but a Batman fanboy writing a Superman Series. There are some great moments where Clark is mistaken for Bruce and as a twenty-something he uses this to his advantage (who wouldn’t?). But this creates a bit of an issue as Clark grows older and finds himself in situations with people he met as Bruce.

What does Batty have to say about all of this? He eventually tracks down Clark, a conflict ensues and guess what….Oh Clark decides to be Superman because of Batman.

Wait, what?!

Yes that’s right this story gives the impression that it is because of Batman that he must now become some sort of hero. Batman is even the reason that Clark begins wearing a cape… a cape that Batman left behind to be exact.(Martha moment anyone?)


So as a Supes fan, am I to believe that it is because of Batman that Superman even exists? That he has gone down this path to be an American-Hero all because of some crazy Bat Guy?


I promptly put down the book and walked away from the series for a bit because I just could not wrap my head around it. Nope.

There are some good points in the writing. They make a note to give us iconic Superman sayings in a not-so-cheesy-way throughout each issue. “Look up in the sky…” which makes my nostalgic heart go pitter-patter.

Some of the artwork is fantastlouis laneic.

But there is absolutely no consistency with regards to the look of this comic book. I know, there are different illustrators and colorist for an individual issue. But take a look at #4 who’s artist was Jae Lee. The girl you see in the middle is Lois Lane, far from the Lois we all know. Clark is pictured in the lower right of this image. Which is completely inconsistent… SHIT! Not even in the same Superhero universe as all the other issues. While the other issues had different artists there was enough similarities for it not to be such a completely shock. My journal notes on this issue literally read “WTF happened to Clarks face??”.

Maybe this is something you guys dig, for me it took me out of the story and just added to the list of issues I was compiling.

Here is Clark in issue #3 and in issue #5:

Different? Yes… Close enough though to not completely throw you off. I’m a noob at this and maybe there’s a reason for all of this with regards to this mini series. But I can’t help but be completely distracted when its so far off. I focus on the wrong thing. And I still can’t get over Supermans origin story having a lot to do with Mr. Bats. Think differently? Let me know your thought.


After 2 days of bed rest, video game playing and comic book reading I stopped… cabin fever set in and I said TO HELL with bed rest and started to do some work and walk around. I was able to reach Chapter 12 (out of 22) in Uncharted and American Alien is currently sitting on my nightstand until it begins to behave again…

(::I’m watching you American Alien::)











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