Cosplay Closet – Wednesday Addams by Tai

Ever since I was a kid that I watched the black and white TV show of The Addams Family, I’ve loved both Wednesday and Morticia. When I got older, I never stopped wanting to cosplay as one of them (eventually I will do Morticia too!) and so when I went to the Animate! Miami Con back in October 2015, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to cosplay as Wednesday Addams.

As usual, I not only come up with cosplays from my own closet, but I give it my own personal touch. In the case of Wednesday, I wanted to make her the grown up, little sexier version, so I wore a short black haired wig and put on some lipstick (a color I am sure Wednesday would rock IRL).

What I used for this cosplay:


A traditional white button down shirt (similar

A v-neck black tee (from Target

A short, black leather skater skirt (similar

Black tights (from Target

Black ballerina flats (similar



White Halloween make-up

Dark Gray Eye shadow


Dark Wine Lipstick (Dark Wine by Wet n Wild)


Skull Bracelet

Black Bracelet

“Arsenic Poison” Bottle

The way I made Wednesday a little sexy is by leaving a few buttons from my white button down unbuttoned (so a tiny bit of cleavage could be seen) and by wearing a skirt shorter than she probably would. Of course the smoky eye and the lipstick add to that too.

As for accessories, Wednesday is a woman of not only few words, but few accessories too (unlike me, who loves wearing watches, and bracelets, and earrings, etc), so I only wore a black string bracelet I own with a bracelet of skulls I also own. No earrings, no watch. Of course I had to include her favorite accessory: Arsenic Poison! For the bottle, I went to Michael’s and bought the cute little cork bottle you see in the picture below (they’re about $1-2), put water in it and mixed in some green and blue food coloring until it was the shade of poison I wanted.

Without further ado, here are some pics of my Wednesday Addams cosplay:

unnamed (1)


At the entrance to Animate! Miami

unnamed (3)


Even dressed as Wednesday, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking a pic with a fellow Hufflepuff

unnamed (2)


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