DC’s Rebirth Edition

Tales from a Noob…the Rebirth edition.

Ok, so I know my fair share of geek stuff. I dabble in comic books, toy collection, video games and of course films. But truth is when it comes to the GEEK world, I’m still just a noob. Continuity confuses me, keeping up with comicbook story lines feels like a full time job, and trying to make any sense of that with movie timelines can just be exhausting. But I try.However,  when it comes to comic books, I feel like I’m just set up for failure. Between Crisis’, Wars, and Rebirths I just can’t keep up with the hell is going on. 

Now— I was under the impression that DC was giving us a “rebirth” with their comic books in an attempt to better follow their cinematic universe. But given the news on the “NEW SUPERMAN” cover set to come out July 13th this year, I can’t believe that to be true.  For those of you who haven’t seen the cover for the upcoming “New Superman” Comic (written by Gene Yang) here is what it looks like:

New Super Man Cover

Apparently this New Superman is named Kenan Kong. He was the creation of the writer Gene Yang, who by the way  started writing for Superman back in 2015 with issue #41. But that was the Clark Kent Superman. Now Yang is off to writing something new and has flipped the script a bit. Now, I’m even more confused.

My official thought about the whole DC Rebirth was that this was a way of crossing over movie goers and comic book fans. I thought this was DC’s genius way of inspiring movie goers to run  into a comicbook shop, purchase the first issue of their favorite DC Hero, and pick up in a story line that made sense with the character they are being shown in the cinematic universe. I personally, thought it was a smart move. This makes it friendly and inviting for a movie watcher (or a noob) to visit a local comic shop and pick up their first issue. However, it seems that I have been wrong this whole time. What I believed wdc-rebirth-new-850x560-600x3952as a reboot, a rebranding or marketing move to boost both sides of the geek comic culture coin, turned out to be just more universe confusion. I probably should’ve read the promo image DC released a little more carefully, or followed up on the latest image released…

I’m still confused as to what is happening. Now let’s remember I’m just a noob, standing in front of the geek world, asking them to please help her understand this SORCERY!


One thought on “DC’s Rebirth Edition

  1. All comic book universes (universi?) are a bit, well, muddled in terms of continuity! I’ve honestly just learned to go with it and not try to wrap my head around every single piece of comic arc that they throw at you. There are WAY too many to keep track of and ain’t no body got time for that. So yea, just go with it, that’s my advice to a noob, lol!

    P.S. I liked your play on Narcisso’s poem at the end there Q!


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