Game of Rumors? Predictions for season 6 – By Kenster

With the new season of Game of Thrones a little over a month away and the  recent trailer released last week, the rumor mill has been going crazy over the interwebs!With that being said, I have made some predictions (some are more obvious than others) that I hope to see happen in this upcoming season. POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD

Prediction # 1 Kingsmoot is happening!Pyke

This arc involves the Ironborn coming together to try and find a new King of the Iron Island after word of Balon Greyjoy’s Death. I’m hoping for several new characters to emerge. This is one of the backstories I am anticipating the most.

Prediction #2 The Mountain will wreak havoc in King’s Landing


True. This seems very obvious. But when Frankenstein, better known as “The Mountain” Gregor Clegane, is set loose by Cersei, several sparrows and possibly  The High Sparrow himself will become dragon fodder.

Prediction #3 Jon Snow is dead…but not for long


Yes Jon Snow is dead because he knows nothing, including a Cesar like betrayal in the hands of the Night’s Watch. BUT FEAR NOT! Milasandra is still in Castle Black. Which means the lord of light may still shine upon Snow and bring him back to fulfill his path to the Iron Throne!

If you have any other predictions regarding this coming season, we are more than happy to hear from our fellow geeks! Until then let us countdown together….



2 thoughts on “Game of Rumors? Predictions for season 6 – By Kenster

  1. What is this is the season that Arya taps into her warg abilities? She already has wolf dreams through Nymeria in the books, but hasn’t shown proof of that in the show…Bran go his abilities after his fall! Maybe now that she is blind, it will happen. Also, I am anticipating the Tower of Joy flashback scenes. The Cersei flashback of season 5 was a nice touch and it is nice to see the backstory coming to screen instead of just exposition.


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