Cosplay Closet – Female Riddler by Taimara

Let me tell you a litte about myself first: my name is Taimara and I am geek girl that loves to cosplay! Yet, I don’t have the money available to be spending on buying all the costumes for all the cosplays I want to do, so what do I do? I’ve started to look at cosplays I want to do and start coming up with ways I can re-create those costumes from my very own closet, without spending a penny (or spending very little –but more on that later).  I’ve done this many times in the past two years (especially for the Laugh Attack shows at Artistic Vibes every month!) and I rarely every have to spend any money on costumes. All of this has inspired me to start this little section called “Closet Cosplay”, in which I will be showcasing the different cosplays I’ve done, all from my very own closet!

I’ve always loved Batman, he’s my favorite superhero. He also has some quirky and cool enemies. One of those enemies is The Riddler…only he’s a guy. So, with the new trend called “gender bending cosplay”, I decided I would be the Female Riddler for one of the cons down here in Miami: Animate Miami.

First thing I did was go on the app that saves my life so many times, Pinterest, and look up “Female Riddler”.  A few different versions popped up, all very sexy. Some were of girls in corsets and bikini bottoms, or super tight and super short dresses, or just a button down that showed a lot of cleavage. I’m all for the sexiness, but I am also of the mentality that not ALL cosplays have to be skimpy all the time. So, instead, what I did was look up pictures of the The Riddler from the comics. Eureka! I saved a few of the pictures I found and went based on that.

I had been lucky that just a few days before Animate Miami, my bestie had given me a green silk button down shirt. First item for my cosplay, check. Then I rummaged through my closet and remembered I own a pair of purple skinny jeans. Perfect! Now I needed the most important accessories: a vest and a bowler hat with question marks all over it. I didn’t have those, but I knew exactly where to go to acquire them! (I know he has a cane, but I hate having things in my hands, and also I needed them to be free to take pics at the con, so I decided to not carry one)

I drove over to the nearest thrift store by my place (which is a Goodwill) and went searching in the men’s section for the perfect vest. They didn’t have purple vests, but I found a violet velvet one that was perfect and close enough to the color I needed; total cost of the vest, $3. I also bought a green silk tie there for $2. Then I needed the bowler hat. I went to Party City and bought a green one, which I believe cost me $2 or $3. My last stop was at a craft store (Michael’s) and got a green fabric paint pen for $2.49. Total cost for what I needed for this costume was: $7.45 (because I am pretty sure the hat was more like $3 than $2).

The next step was to draw a question mark on my hat and tie with a sharpie I had at home, and then draw a few of them on the vest with the green fabric paint pen.

Last of the touches was deciding on which shoes to wear. In the comics he wears purple shoes, but I sure as hell do not have shoes of said color. So I looked up cosplay outfits (male version) and saw many of the guys had black shoes. I happen to have some really cute sparkly black ones: the perfect girly touch for my gender bending costume.

The results:


So, as you can see, re-creating a costume does not necessarily mean you have to go out to spend a lot of money. With a little bit of creativity, a rummage through your closet, and inspiration from many pictures online (especially Pinterest!), you can just have the perfect “closet cosplay”.

If you there’s a cosplay you would like for me to re-create from my closet, please leave comments below and I will try my best to do so!


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