Magic City Comic Con – The Adventure

Oh! The glory of a convention center filled with nerds, geeks, cosplayers and weirdos alike. This year Kenny & I went to Magic City Comic Con on Saturday to enjoy ALL THE THINGS! Unfortunately, we did not get a 3-day pass ’cause, you know… we have jobs and responsibilities. DAMN YOU ADULTING! Which means that we missed the god that is Bill Nye on Friday. But hey…it is what it is and we geared up and headed out IMG_7894on Saturday afternoon.
Let us begin with the only negative I could find about the entire event which was THE PARKING!
It took us about 45 minutes to find parking in the lot they had right in front of the Double Tree Hotel. Now…this parking is FREE, which is a plus especially compared to the way too fucking expensive parking for Florida Supercon. But with no employees or volunteers showing people to the parking lot or where to park it’s pretty much a free for all. People were making up their own parking spots, to the point that they had now created a barrier where you couldn’t even reach the back end of the lot. There was cars on medians, grass, I’m surprised there weren’t cars parked on top of cars (don’t get any ideas Miami!!). So to the organizers of Magic City…if you’re reading this: HIRE A FEW KIDS TO WORK THE PARKING LOT! Ok..that’s it.

Once we made it in it was all amazing. I still stand by the fact that Magic City is a waaaaay  better convention than Supercon. It’s more organized (obviously besides the parking– ok I’m over it now), it has more space to walk even when it’s crowded. We were able to see a lot more cosplayers and the main panels are easier to find. It’s just an all-around better experience.

A few things I noticed:

This year there were fewer vendors, artists, and tables. I spoke to one of the vendors there and it seems as though every year the price to have a table continues to rise. Which means fewer people are able to afford to be a part of this convention. Which is to say, a pro and a con. The pro-side, leaves us more space to be able to walk. These conventions have continued to be held in the same location even though the number of attendees has continued to rise. So when they overcrowd it makes for a very unhappy experience to be rubbing shoulders with everyone (germs hello?). And some… trust me… you do NOT want to rub shoulders with (insert deodorant here). It also makes it difficult for those super intense cosplayers to get around with some of their larger than life prop-costume pieces. The Con…well we get to see less amazing stuff. As a Pop Collector I go to cons looking for those supreme exclusives. Those, “you only see them at cons” pops. That did not happen this time around. There were maybe 2-3 vendors selling Pops and no out of this world items either. Granted, it could be that we went on Saturday and they were all gone, but I highly doubt it. We attended Magic City last year only on Saturday afternoon as well and I walked out with 7 Pops (Penn, we’re so so sorry… she’s still yelling). Plus, the prices for some regular pops is just plain ridiculous. Especially now that more stores carry them and for cheaper it’s hard to pay more money just because you’re at a con. However, this left more money in my wallet for what I really wanted to walk away with this year which was more signed artwork and apparently the Pre-Release magic card set.
Some cool shit:

I didn’t get to meet Agent May (Melinda Qiaolian) but I did get to have a conversation with the actress who played Colombia in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the one and only “Little” Nell Campbell.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.26.25 PM

We were also able to meet a lot of great cosplayers, check out our Instagram @TheTalkingGeek. Although I must admit half the time I had to ask Kenny who the hell certain people were. It seems to me that the most cosplayed characters all come from Anime. Something I am not the least bit familiar with. However, it is in my New Year’s Geek resolutions. So come next year… you with the weird wig and big blue feathered fan thing… I’ll know who you are sir… I’ll know who you are.

All in all it was a fun time, great experience, I will def. go again next year. Supercon..take notes. You can learn a thing or two about organization.

And if not… call me… I can help.


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