Making (me watch) a Murderer

Christmas Eve 2015. Not a sound through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Ok, I lied, there was a sound. One cello heralding the introduction to the beginning of 10 episodes of Netflix‘s latest visual drug, Making a Murderer.  Episode 2… Episode 3….


“Have you seen that shit?!” “HAVE YOU SEEN THAT SHIT?!?” You’ve been asked, I’ve been asked, We’ve been asked. Of COURSE I’ve seen that shit. I don’t do Xmas, so any excuse to become obsessed with a mind-numbing reality sh— wait, this is a documentary on Netflix in 10 parts. 10 EPISODES. 10 Hours or so? Done. Get me my coffee and blankie and leave me alone. It’s a documentary, it’s important. #keeptellingyourselfthat

Let’s talk. I need to talk about this.
NOTE:*Spoiler-Free comes first. I’ll let you know at the bump when to go away if you haven’t seen this shit.*


Confession: I’d seen this thumbnail various times and thought to myself, “hmm… maybe I should check it out.” Released on December 18th, it would show up on my “suggestions for…” queue. Confession#2: I have the horrid habit of beginning a show (or book… i.e Harry Potter… ahem) and leaving it there. Sometimes I come back… sometimes that kid stays under the stairs and never finds out he’s a wizard.*

*inside joke on TTG

Something didn’t catch my attention… Let’s not get into what #ADHD

Then, the Holidays. The droning of holiday songs, the shopping shuffle, and that smell of cinnamon (kill me now) caused this hermit to lock herself up at home (as per usual) on the eve of Xmas and binge. Not with food, no. (Thank you Netflix for taking my addiction to m&m’s and shifting the focus to this blue-eyed murder-victim-er-er-er this doc-u-men-tary).

So there’s this guy…


The gist of it: Steven Avery was convicted for sexual assault, attempted murder and false imprisonment (ironic, that last one) and sentenced to 32 years of prison in which he served 18 before he was exonerated in 2003.  Long story short: Manitowoc County fucked up. This is in Wisconsin. WAAAAY the hell over that way. They sent him to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. DNA evidence (18 years) proved it wasn’t him. Now he wants to sue. This is where the story picks up. People are not happy. Institutions. Cops. Counties. The Court. The geese.


So he’s out now yay right? End of that… No, there are STILL 10 episodes people…

Cue that one line… “But I did tell him be careful… Manitowoc County’s not done with you… ” 


-[theme music plays]-
-[geese honking]-

“I don’t wanna be a criminal. I wanna be normal.”  Avery


Currently, I’m sitting at this keyboard like “how much can I divulge without spoilers?!?!” HOW MUCH? So instead of giving you a play by play, I’ll give you my reactions. I’ll say many things. Really, because this is a doc. you should watch because, damn. DAMN. DAMN.

The Averys were an unpopular, heavily disliked family. You know, that one family in certain towns that people refer to as “Oh. Them.” The Averys. Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Lots of geese. And cars. We’ll get to the cars soon.

Avery filed a lawsuit, soon after he was exonerated, for 36 million dollars… and then… he was arrested again.


Avery was accused (this time) of murdering a photographer from Autotrader, Teresa Halbach, who was last seen on the Avery property (Avery’s Auto Salvage). Making a Murderer illustrates the procedures in the Manitowoc County sheriff’s department that led to both Avery’s original conviction and second conviction, after his release. Wait, what? TWO convictions back to back? Yes.

By the same sheriff’s department? Yes.
After he was set free? AND… he was in process of suing the County?? YES. YES.

Sounds fishy right? Where the hell is  Sarah Koenig??!!

*Funny you should ask. The story of the initial crime for which Avery was charged and imprisoned was featured on the March 26, 2013, edition of the radio program Radiolab, titled “Reasonable Doubt”. The show featured an interview with the victim, Penny Beerntsen. NPR knew what was up.

Meet the documentarists we never actually meet, Directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos:

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Smells like foul-play? Maybe. And that’s the basis of this entire 10+ hours of Making a Murderer.

We meet the Avery family. Ma Avery. Pa Avery. Steven Avery. Other Averys. We meet the sheriff, the police, the attorneys on both sides…


DO NOT get me started on that guy ^ WORST defense lawyer in the history of law.  (SPOILER WARNING: NEXT BLOG POST!!!!.) We learn of the procedures or lack thereof, that lead up to Avery’s latest arrest. We learn a few disturbing details about him in the process as well.

This is where I say stop. If you haven’t seen the documentary. STOP. The next post is a rant for those who have seen it. Or go watch it and come back… I’ll still be here…. writing the next post WITH SPOILERS.

Nox, yo.











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