PSX 2015 – Hot Mess or Much Excite?

Written By: Panda

            It’s been a great year for games. They’ve only gotten better, especially when it comes to graphics, gameplay and story. I’m always itching to find out what’s coming up next and planning out what amazing new game I’m going to buy to add it to my already long list of games I haven’t completed. So naturally, I was all giddy inside for PlayStation Experience 2015! Bring on the games! It started off so strong with the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake, where they showed fan ffviiremakegameplayreactions from when it was first announced at E3 this past summer. It was great, it was exciting, it got this gamer geek all teary eyed and shit! I felt all these lame emotions that I had to try and hold back. Then, they showed us FRIGGEN GAME PLAY! GAME PLAY I SAY!! I couldn’t hold my tears back anymore (I didn’t really cry, but I imagined the water works going from how beautiful those effing graphics were)! I was pumped and ready for what was coming next. Surly after that impressive intro there were even bigger things to come, right?

The next presenter came out and talked about Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Cool, getting some new maps, okay. COD World League for Esports…fun I guess. I don’t care but yeah, okay. Next… Star wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku map… yeah that came out already… great. Then we got a new game called Battleborn…okay, I’m not interested. If you see where this is going, basically you didn’t miss anything important.

This was probably the weakest press conference I’ve seen from Sony. For one, there wasn’t any real news that came out. Nothing I cared for at least. The developers of Street Fighter 5 announced the names of the 6 new playable characters (this info was leaked by the way). Third Party Productions talked about 6 new games from Adult Swim coming next year on the PS4 Death’s Gambit, Ray’s the Dead, Duck Game, Rain World, Small Radios Big Televisions, and Head Lander, which are pretty much metroidvania/sides-scrolling games, but nothing that impressive. Although Death’s Gambit looked pretty interesting. Some other games announced include Don’t Starve Together which is now a co-op game for console, a new side-scrolling adventure game called Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey (which looks kind of like a another Final Fantasy spin off), Yakuza 5 (which is out now in the west now) along with Yakuza 0, and the a title most people seemed excited for (other than FF 7), Ni No Kuni 2: Reverant King which seems to be a JRPG (no, I have not played the first one). Then we learned that Destiny, a game that I have personally spent a lot of sleepless nights playing, has now introduced Sparrow Racing which is Destiny-Sparrow-Racing00009-1200x675basically racing with hover motorcycles. WOOOO! Still no dog fights though. (Come on Bungie! I’ve got some pretty bad ass ships and they’re dying to blast some bitches out of space! )We got a new scene from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End where players now have different dialogue options, a first in this series. Finally we’ve got ANOTHER Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game (MOBA) coming called Paragon. Yay.

Okay, so this is what I’ve been dying to talk about, the segment for PlayStation VR. This was by far the WORST tech display I’ve ever seen,
even more than Xbox Kinect’s. The two presenters are trying a wired Tron-like disc fighting game and of course it’s clunky and awkward, for one them the VR was just unresponsive. Then the games, THE GAMES! I just don’t care about playing any of them! What a mess!!psx7-590x900

Overall, PSX 2015 had a great start, but became a snooze. Skip it, I basically told you everything that was interesting. To check out some of the games I’ve mentioned click on the links below.


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