Psycho Pass Review -Pass or Fail?

Anime is growing in popularity these days. Somewhere around, let’s say 10 years ago, there was a very small group of people, mostly kids and teens, who watched it and geeked over shows like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Naruto, or One Piece. Over the years, however, these Japanese cartoons have become better in terms of character design, story, and art giving viewers more variety and interest in the genre. (I’m mean really, there’s a freaking category for it on Netflix now (SUCH WOW)! Today I’m going to review one anime that was just crazy good called Psycho Pass, spoiler free. You’re welcome.psycho-pass-review-3

The Setting: Psycho-Pass takes place in Japan, year 2113. The country is run by in an authoritarian presence known as the Sybil System, which keeps track of every individual’s mental state, personality and the probability that they will commit crimes. The way they do this is by scanning the brain creating a full profile known as a Psycho-Pass. It basically works on a leveling system, if you reach a semi-high level you are apprehended and forced to seek treatment or are imprisoned. If individuals have exceeded the maximum level required, they are to immediately be terminated, no questions asked.

The Story: The story follows the life of Akane Tsunemori, a new inspector of Unite One –a police force part of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division (PSBCID)–as she hunts down criminals alongside a special team of latent criminals, those who’s psycho pass’ have been Psycho-Pass_Index_1compromised but remain part of the PSB under supervision, called Enforcers.  The inspectors and enforcers carry specially designed weapons known as Dominators that only work for those authorized.

My Review: I must say, at first, I wasn’t 100% on watching the show. I’d been seeing it on my recommendations list on Netflix and it kept grasping my attention to the point where I was like “just watch it,” and I’m glad I did. By the end of the first episode I was very interested, by the end of the second episode I needed to know more, and by the end of third I was ALL in. The pacing is great, and almost every episode leaves you with enough anxiety to get to the next chapter as it builds to the big climax. The voice acting and dialogue were pretty good (I know a lot of hardcore anime fans are always saying “the subs are better than the dubs,” but I don’t psycho-pass-the-dominator-psycho-pass-dominator-927325009want read my TV shows. That’s what the manga’s for). There are some flaws and very little cliché anime moments with some characters, but nothing major. These characters are pretty fleshed out interesting and they do a good job of making you care about some of them. It’s has some “WTF” moments, especially when it comes the violence. There was one that really left me saying “God daaaaaaaamn!” Expect twists too (there’s a twist that NO ONE saw coming. I don’t care what you say, you didn’t see it coming). What I enjoyed the most was the philosophical and psychological moments. They really had me thinking about how we humans react and believe things, not paying attention to what’s really happening. Yeah, some deep shit.

Overall, this was a fun crime-drama with aplenty of action and mystery to keep you wanting more. I rate it and 8.0. Give it a shot.


2 thoughts on “Psycho Pass Review -Pass or Fail?

  1. What I loved about this show above a lot of things was how thought provoking its ethical challenges were. It’s one of the few dystopian stories I’ve consumed where I could see, with logical clarity, why someone would be on either side. Sybil is obviously corrupt and the protagonist knows and challenges that, but she also acknowledges why it’s being enforced. Akane’s ambiguity on the issue was a breath of fresh air among a sea of rebel protagonists in a story of this nature. And the ensemble of characters is SO. UNDERRATED. Because you have people coming from all kinds of different perspectives. And then you have Ginoza, this ostensibly put-together dude, who ends up, well, where he ends up. (no spoilers.) He’s actually my favorite character because of his arc. And Makishima is one of my favorite villains in anime because a lot of what he says, theoretically, isn’t particularly wrong. He’s just sociopathic and goes about it in the actual most terrifying and unsettling ways ever.
    I just really love how this story is presented and how each character gives the central conflict a special, personal meaning. Between Kogami’s situation and Ginoza’s and Masaoka’s and Yayoi’s and Akane’s etc, etc, etc.
    When you’re watching/reading a dystopia that is, by definition, a dystopia, you know your brain is getting picked apart. I loved how Psycho-Pass forced me to consider different outcomes and variables in forming my thoughts on all the issues brought forth.
    I loved reading your review! I’m happy you enjoyed it! I’d be stoked to read more of your anime reviews.


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