Mockingjay: The Final Review *No Spoilers* 

If ever Facebook served any real purpose, it was when it provided me with the perfect opportunity to score advanced screening tickets to The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2.


First things first, I’d like to give a big thank you to Melissa of Melificent  for providing me with 2 passes to catch the movie before it releases on November 20th (if you haven’t read or followed… do so, NOW!).

Of course in my utmost excitement both the Nuggs and I arrived at the theatre about 3 hours before the movie even started.

While we couldn’t get in right away we were at least in close enough quarters so that we could be the first ones in the theatre to pick prime seating. Mission accomplished.


First Row. Up TOP. DEAD CENTER. Commence Fangirling.


Don’t worry about reading this review. I won’t be spoiling any of the big moments for anyone who has not read the books (yet) I’ll be sure to give you fair warning before ruining anything. Even though, as a book lover, you should ALWAYS read the books first, but that’s another post for another day (stay tuned).

The movie picks up post-“Peeta Attack.” Katniss wrapped up, bruised neck barely able to speak after nearly being choked to death by our beloved Peeta.



What I loved about the movie:
The final film I will say was not as disappointing as lets say… Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2. For the most part it stays on track with the book, of course, leaving out some of the finer details that make the books amazing. However, if all of us book lovers were to get our way, movies would need to be about 5 hours long.

Jennifer Lawrence looked absolutely stunning and she didn’t miss a single mark as Katniss. I am not one for sappy cheesy moments ( even if i was a Twihard) and there were times that some of her speeches were not as epic as “if we burn you burn with us” she still kept me in the moment regardless of the cheese factor.

The underdog of the entire movie and my absolute fav of this film has to be Johanna. Jenna Malone does “sassy bitch” with perfection. There is a particular interaction between Joana and Katniss that reminds me of Mean Girls. Perfectly poking Katniss in the places everyone else refuses to call out. We often fall in love with the main character. I mean who doesn’t like the Girl on Fire but truth be told, Katniss Everdeen isn’t really a nice person. Sure, she’s a badass. But she’s not likeable. Proof thru Effie’s difficulty with her from the very first Hunger Games. Yet no one calls her out. I mean I get it, she’s a symbol, she’s the “chosen one”, the girl who lived and what-not but someone should be able to say “hey, you’re kindof  being a bitch right now”. Well, Johanna is just that person.

We get more of the love triangle we so often see in these triologies nowadays (see Twilight). In Mockingjay part 2 they do try and lead you in one direction more than another while the books string you along for a bit. You see Katniss as someone who is too focused on the games to think of relationships and love, but audiences love that stuff so dont worry you wont be disappointed. Katniss is all over the place…Gale, Peeta, Peeta, Gale..until…well I won’t say just yet.
Juliane Moore and Phillip Seymour Hoffman were equally amazing. Truly all of the acting was spot on. But Juliane Moore…ugh, what perfect casting as Coin. Also, I think (?) there was CGI done for Plutarch but…I couldn’t tell you exactly what parts because if there was it was THAT well done. If you’re not looking for it…I think it will pass right by you.


We miss you. RIP Phillip.


That which shall not be discussed 
Ok for my book readers!! The scenes…the ones we are all waiting for are great. Especially the last 30 minutes. Oh the tunnels!! THE TUNNELS! Nuggs who was with me on assignment has not read the books was literally at the edge of her seat mummmering “no, omg, oh shit. Wtf” There are so many things I want to say but dont want to spoil it. So stay tuned for the spoiler post come Friday after its official release. If you’re a true fan you can read it Saturday with your coffee and fear not of spoilers.

The issues:
Other than the obvious “they could’ve added this, why didn’t they include this scene, OH BUT I LOVED THAT PART DAMNIT” my main issue and the only one I’ll focus on was the ending. Don’t worry I’m still NOT spoiling it. It’s just that…..why oh why must we always try to elude to the fact that everything must end in a something filled with rainbows and butterflies? One of the main reasons, one of my FAVORITE things about the books were that it didn’t wrap things up in a pretty bow for me. Life doesn’t always end how we think it will regardless of the right choices we make. And yet… I didn’t get that with this ending. They had me, the whole way. Even when I knew things were coming I was surprised, I was at the edge of my seat, and then that ending came and quickly— I was crossed, betrayed. It’s not abysmal, but it’s sure happier than I remember the book to be.
Overall I give the movie a B. It was entertaining, I didn’t feel how long it was (2 hours 17 minutes). The acting was superb. But the ending fell flat for me. However, if you didnt read the books maybe you’ll have a difference of opinion. It is sometimes a curse to know the thoughts inside a character’s mind, attaches you to certain emotions and intentions that aren’t always portrayed or perceived in movies.

Either way… go see the movie. Its worth every bit of money so keep the pirates at bay people!

Onyx Out.


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One thought on “Mockingjay: The Final Review *No Spoilers* 

  1. I loved the movie despite what some “critics” say. I look forward to your “read the books before watching the movies” blog.
    I have to to say I didn’t read the first book until after the movie. Never had the time and I’m glad I didn’t. When i first watched it I was drawn to tears when Rue died (if you feel like this was a spoiler you had about 3 years to watch the movie). I felt the gut wrenching emotion of that scene and for me it was executed perfectly. When i did read the books, I appreciated that it followed Katniss’ perspective and understood her character better. I noticed the changes from book to film but I understood them. I appreciate both mediums for what they are and love them equally.

    As far as this last film, I thought it was great. It was a war movie and played as such. I’ve been told how the real ending was supposed to be told, however, even though I didn’t read the book it still felt tragic to me knowing that Katniss’ and most of the characters would never really recover from everything they’d gone through as kids, which I’m pretty sure they were still kids.


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