What We’re Reading 01: Adolescent Superman? Sure I’ll take it.

So… this Wednesday DC Comics dropped some new comics and as a Superman fan I was most excited for the new miniseries, “Superman: American Alien” written by Max Landis. You may know Max Landis for writing The Chronicle. The American Alien mini series is in short, a look at the life of Clark Kent through his growing pains. I was excited to pick these up because they aren’t your typical “Superman” stories.

Issue #1 starts off with what I am assuming is about a 10-12 year old Clark who has apparently just started to “sleep-fly”. Yes… sleep fly, it’s a thing. The view of Clark being young and scared about what is happening to him is extremely interesting. We’re all so accustomed to good ol’ Clark Kent, Boy-scout extraordinaire that we really never stop to think about his younger years. Yes, I know, we had Smallville. But that was teenage Clark, not elementary school Clark. I think Man of Steel did a decent job of showing us just a few GalleryComics_1920x1080_20151111_SM_AMALIEN_1_56215152ca16f6.11165523moments inside a young scared Clark but that was just it, just a few minutes and that’s all we got.

This first issue gives you a great look into John and Martha’s true emotions with regards to raising an “un-normal” child (as opposed to “abnormal”). The first issue, I think, really gives you a different look at John specifically. I wasnt sure if he was embarrassed by Clark or worried for him in this debut issue, although his moment of calling Clark a “jerk” was glorious.

By the end of issue 1,  Clark has finally started to gain control of his flying powers. He’s zooming around and finally we get to see the Clark I knew existed inside. Not the superhero waiting to use his powers for the greater good if you will but rather the boy who has realized he can fly and wants to take advantage of it. Dreams of taking free vacations and beating the bus to school.

I have hopes for this mini-series. Nick Dragotta’s art is fantastic. And I don’t usually enjoy Superman art if it isn’t by Jim Lee (Superman Unchained is by far my favorite Superman artwork). Take a look at the image below which is rumored to be part of one of the upcoming issues:


(*source, the internet, of course.) 

Really looking forward to that issue ^.

We’ll see how this arc goes. I’ll let you guys know my final thoughts at the close of the series. So stay tuned!

Onyx out!


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