Wii Don’t Need Your Damn TV

Last night I lost an old friend. Like an extension of myself always there, always loyal. Whether it was after a long day at work or a nasty breakup, he was there ready to distract me, make me laugh and wonder. It is with my complete regret that I say my final goodbyes to my Wii. After years of abuse, treasure seeking, go-kart racing, epic disc golf tournaments and Netflix and chilling, its disc spinning has ceased to spin. To live and play…no more.

Now, while I was sad and angry about the whole situation I thought I had an out. Let me not forget to mention that all of this came to my realization last night at 2am when I was finally getting ready to lay down and go hard on some Mysteries at the Museum (yeah…I watch that and so should you lol) and the little green light of fun refused to come on. It is then I realized it was time to trash (and upgrade to a wiiU) the wii and finally move my delicious and beautiful PS4 into my bedroom. Excitement swelled as I rushed to the living room and cradled my system into my room. Like the Flash, all necessary preparations were executed.
Power Cord: CHECK
Charged and Ready Wireless Controller: DOUBLE CHECK

I sprint to the bed, jump over the wife and get ready to enjoy all the HD I have sacrificed at night. Except that loathing and disappointment were quick to replace all bubbly feelings as I hit the PS button…waiting. Then…nothing. “No Signal”

So I push the wife, race to the TV switch from HDMI1 to HDMI2…

“No Signal”

Could it be that my PS4 is fried too?

I disconnect the PS4 go back to living room, reconnect the PS4 and wait. And…IT WORKS.

Now, mind you, its 3:00am and my roommates are sleeping. I’m going on a cable rampage and for a second I ask myself, should I wait until tomorrow? Should I stop making all this ridiculous racket and allow them to sleep peacefully? But that passes as I realize:
2. If this were reversed I’d be on google searching for solutions…
AND THEN IT COMES TO ME…Google. Good ol’ trusty Google. Please tell me what I could do to solve this issue!

Google Response: GET A NEW TV.
Forum after forum, pointless unplugs and re-plugs, restarts and safe modes…nothing. Nothing but the horrible truth that your old TV is just not good enough for your cutting edge technology.
That HD TV you work endless hours to save up quarters for a year to get…is utterly useless.

Its the equivalent of buying a Louis Vuitton purse and having nothing but pennies inside…



One thought on “Wii Don’t Need Your Damn TV

  1. I would’ve mostly taken it as a hint to get rid of that wii. Truth be told Nintendo’s been out of the console war for a while now. Wii dominated for a bit when it was first released with it’s awesome idea of family fun gaming, however, I’ve lost so much interest in owning one because the games that are offered just don’t make me say “OOOOOOOO, I NEED this!” Not even with the wii U. The 3DS is the strongest product in my opinion. Honestly, the only games that seem to be drawing in a fandom are Mario Kart 8 and the much beloved (dare I say PRAISED) franchise SMASH Bros added with the Amiibos, and that’s due to all the nostalgic feels around it (again, my opinion). Although I think Xenoblade Chronicles may get a pretty good response when it FINALLY releases, yet it’s still not enough to get me to buy the console. I guess we’ll have to see when Nintendo’s new console, the NX, releases. Maybe they’ll make it back into my heart….that’s a pretty strong maybe.

    Oh yeah, Sorry about your TV. R.I.P. little….guy?


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