Q’s High Five – Nov. 3

NY to turn into Diagon Alley?Busineses have banded together to create a Harry Potter world along its streets in a festival of wizard and witches. Why cant we be in New York? Why is Miami so damn lame sometimes!  http://comicbook.com/2015/10/24/new-york-street-to-be-transformed-into-harry-potters-diagon-alle/

Looks like Hunger Games and other series like Divergernt maybe even twilight could be seen in an amusement park soon. Lionsgate is looking to license out the properties to other parks. Although hold your horses locals. This would NOT be coming to our lovely Orlando area. But rather Atlanta and Dubai as there is already a Lionsgate Zone planned .

ATTN Gamers! For those of you fans of Fallout there are several leaks pertaining to FallOut 4 this week. One of the biggest most talked about leaks as of today is the perks you can expect to choose from for your character including Bigger weapon specialization . http://nerdist.com/newest-fallout-4-leak-details-perks-for-special-attributes/

Rumor alert. Looks like Nicole Kidman may have a role in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Although Kidman’s role isn’t confirmed, it’s probably a solid bet that she’ll be playing Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Wonder Woman’s mother. http://nerdist.com/nicole-kidman-joins-cast-of-wonder-woman-movie-report/


One thought on “Q’s High Five – Nov. 3

  1. Um, none of those other book movies need a theme park. I love the Hunger games, but the universe isn’t exciting enough for me to say “OH golly, I wish I could be in the world…full hunger….war…slavery…facetime…reality TV…oh wait, I’M ALREADY LIVING IN IT!”


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