Funko Funk

Guys… something is happening to our vinyl figures… could it be that with quick growth quality has taken a nosedive? I think so. For those of who you who do not know Funko manufactures Pop! vinyls. Many of you have seen them at Game Stop, Hot Topics, in your LootCrate or NerdBlock and now you can find them at Target or Walgreens. These cute little figures used to be seen in limited stores with limited amounts and maybe only covering 1 or 2 shelves. Stores are now filling entire walls with Funkos as the demand has increased. Some call them collectables. Although I wouldn’t go that far. I cannot, no matter how bad the want, see myself spending $3000 (which is a rounded DOWN price for Alex from A Clockwork Orange) on a toy. It’s not happening. Plus, there was a time when the company would retire vinyls but now with collectors growing in the hundreds daily it’s likely for many of those “retired” figures to make a comeback. But I think the growth of the company has come with its disappointments. The quality of the pops just aren’t what they were before. Decent paint jobs are as rare as a Riddler pop (Note from Penn “who is my holy grail but I STILL won’t pay over 100$ for him... c’mon people!!). More concerned with quantity over quality their taking less and less pride in their artistic creation. Which I believe was the whole point of why they started.
Now I don’t want to completely bash them.

(Penn chimes in: I have to add in the Luke Skywalker Pops! Really well done!).


Their Harry Potter Pops were by far some of the most detailed vinyls I had seen.

Specifically the detail on Dumbledore’s robes was fantastic.


However, I was extremely excited for the Hunger Game vinyls, waiting with baited breath for them to arrive (Penn: YAAASSSS!!!!). I walk into my local Hot Topic store (where they not only know me by name but know what I’m looking for and look forward to opening shipments with me) and walked right up to the Hunger Game section as an employee was quick to point in its direction. And…disappointment swelled (Penn: she actually sighed and dropped her shoulders, I thought I’d have to console Q for days). 3 different Katniss’ but no Haymitch..hmm. Ok. Then Effie who I was excited about had a weird pinkish/purplish tinge to her skin, as if they didn’t care about being sure she stayed pale while painting or air brushing her outfit. The wedding dress??? Why even bother with that one. No one cared about it. So I only walked away with regular Katniss. Which was pretty decent but I literally had to look through about 20 boxes to find the one with the LEAST amount of painting defects. (Penn: I’m HOPING they release the Red Mockingjay from movie… please oh please oh please… oh please.)


Dear Funko…Don’t worry about bulk, don’t worry about releasing a million at a time. They are collectables as long as you treat them as such. As long as you remember it’s an art piece. Take your time. There will be more value in it that way. Or else you’re bound to crash just like Kid Robot almost did.


One thought on “Funko Funk

  1. It’s just what happens when things become popular. Once you see a rise in demand, it’s time to call in the factory people and put them to work. :/


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